External Facade

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Stone Cladding

Natural Beauty with strength durabilty and comes in variety of colours.


External Facade

A technical service that improves the life-spam and operating costs.


Rain Screen Cladding

Available in large Panes to ensure cost effectiveness.



External Facade


A new technical service that is now available at McL Drylining, that positivey improves the life-span and also the operating costs. This service offers soloutions and ideas from a range of render, cladding, rain screen and brick slip systems and products. 


Insulated Render Systems


Placing a continuous layer of istallation on the outside of a building has many benefits.


  • Provides lower fuel costs
  • Light weight system reduces the need for costly structual components
  • Reduces new build construction cost
  • Accelerate build programs
  •  Used to create a broad range of weather-resistant, decorative and visually pleasing finishes due to its wide range or colours and textures.


Render Only Systems 


This systems is to be applied directly to solid wall, metal and timber frame structures on both new build and refurbishment projects. Available in a variety of finishes and colours.


Insulated Brick & Stone Cladding Systems  

Consists of natural clay and brick effect slips.

  • Available in a range of sizes and manufactured on polyurethane/EPS under factory controlled conditions.
  • Light weight stretcher, stack or flemish bond panels are produced to create "sheets" which can be fixed to directly to either masonary, timber or steel frame substrate on site.
  • A full range of factory-produced or site applied components to suit external corners, surrounds to windows or door openings and any other abutments.
  • The system can cater for most architectural designs.
  • Improves the thermal performance of your building u value by 60%.


Rain Screen Cladding


Benefits include.


  • Available in a largel panel to ensure cost effectiveness
  • Reliante
  • Carfeully designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Unique material which can blend with its surroundings.
  • Impressive coloured palleted include cloured boareds translucent and opaque coatings and also cement textures.


Stone Cladding 


Benefits include.

  • Natural beauty 
  • strength
  • durabilty
  • variety of colours and finsihes
  • enables indiviuality and style combined with extreme enviromental durabilty, high impact resistance and freedom from maintance.
  • Considerbly light weight than stone counterparts
  • Cuts down construction time and cost.




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